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PCC Nomination (July 2011)

Tue 05 Jul 2011

In the June Pensions Newsletter, we informed members about the process for nominating members to the Pensions Consultative Committee (PCC), the elections for which were to be concluded in July 2011. We advised that if the number of nominations received were to exceed requirements, a ballot would be necessary. This however is not the case and therefore all of those nominated will be offered a place on the new PCC. No ballot will therefore be necessary.

A list of those successfully nominated to the PCC is as follows:

Name Status Area
Mr Andy Barker Pensioner Midlands
Mr Colin Clark Pensioner Midlands
Mr Alistair Cobb Deferred North
Mr Anthony Cobbe Pensioner Midlands
Mr Peter Dronfield Pensioner Midlands
Mr Mick Elliott Pensioner South
Mr Peter Eykelenboom Pensioner North
Mr Robert Hartt Deferred South
Mr Keith  Johns Pensioner North
Dr John Kerr Deferred South
Mr Michael Laird Pensioner North
Mr John Leaney Deferred South
Mr John Lowry Pensioner Midlands
Mr Gavin Martin Deferred Midlands
Ms Linda Mawson Deferred Midlands
Mr Roy Mills Pensioner Midlands
Mr Pat Moloney Deferred North
Mr Alan Nixon Pensioner Midlands
Mr Roger Pittock Deferred South
Mr James Price Pensioner Midlands
Mr Christopher Purchase Pensioner South
Mr Robin Robertson Pensioner Midlands
Mr Anthony Robinson Pensioner South
Mr Graham Smith Deferred Midlands
Mr Paul Smith Deferred Midlands
Mrs Elaine Tarver Deferred North
Mr Christopher Walton Pensioner South
Mr Victor Webster Pensioner North